A Yogi's Journey


Casper Henningsson

My name is Casper. I’m 21 and from Laholm. I would say that I am representative of my age group in that I like sports and hanging out with my friends. I am curious by nature. Currently, I am studying Computer Engineering. This is the story of how I found yoga and how it has affected my life.

I always wanted to have a physical activity or sport to which I felt dedicated. I have tried a number of things over the years but never got stuck, until I found myself persuaded, until I found myself in a yoga studio. It all began, in fact, when I was asked to build a Website.

Yoga Tribe (and it is a tribe, in the best sense of the word) was in its infancy, just starting in earnest at the outbreak of a global pandemic. I was challenged with the task of building the website for Erika and Cristofer. I was responsible for the information, updates, development and layout. I had no choice but to read the content. I was intrigued so I began to follow Yoga Tribe on Instagram.

I was inspired by stories and conversations both IRL and digital, particularly from and with Cristofer. Could it be true that building physical and mental strength was merely a decision away? Was yoga really for everyone, for me too? The hindrances I had perceived fell by the wayside. A beginner’s course seemed a real possibility. I knew I wanted better posture, more strength and to be rid of the pain in my lumbar region and perhaps my old knee injury could be mitigated.

Over the next couple of months, I considered the benefits whilst trying to calm my insecurities and nervousness. This was potentially both a leisure and training activity. It could lower stress levels, engender a positive mindset, help me find the present and make me feel happier. I realized that it was time. I signed up for the beginner’s course.

My first experience left an indelible mark. The atmosphere in the room was unusual and new to me and of course I was nervous, but Erika is a natural pedagogue (and highly qualified). She calmed us and we eased into the first class. The butterflies disappeared quickly, and 10 weeks flew by.

Having learned the basics, I realized that I had the confidence to try other classes. The first one was 90 minutes of pure magic. I had arrived with no expectations at all and at the end I felt a sense of elation, a gratitude for the citrus spray and a feeling of complete relaxation. This was the reward for my perseverance and effort, as I said, magical.

After six months of regular practice (twice a week) I noticed several changes and developments. I felt notably more sociable and generally happier. The stress I had experienced related to studying was no longer an issue. Physically, I noticed visible changes such as muscular growth and a clear muscle toning effect. The stiffness in my body lessened and everything from tying my shoes to shoveling snow became easier.

I have experimented with doing yoga at home online, but the fact is that it doesn’t begin to measure up to the yoga experience in Erika’s studio. At Yoga Tribe you focus, find the right energy, are assisted when needed and challenged and supported to the necessary extent based on what you as an individual require there and then. Nothing you can do at home can equal this.

I would wholeheartedly recommend signing up for a beginner’s course and then aim for a 90-minute morning class on a Saturday or Sunday. There are more than 20 classes weekly so you will no doubt find what appeals to you, as long as you persist and refuse to give up.